How to use

<H3> Basically a material to be used for commercial use OK! But please cooperate with the notation of the source </ h3>
Illustrations of eye catcher can be used for commercial purposes, free of charge, basically on paper, Web and TV media.

However, when using it on the Web, we hope that as an eye catcher can be used by more people to provide more illustrations, it can be specified as a source like the example below.
Example 1) Source: <a href=””> AI CATCHER </a>

Example 2) Image offer: <a href=””> AI CATCHER </a>

In the case of advertisement banners such as paper media and Web, there are many cases where the notation of the source is not realistic, so this is not the case.
<H3> Please refrain from how to damage the image of the character! </ H3>
It is no exaggeration to say that the character is all of the eye catcher. In order to protect such characters, we will be out of the scope of use for the following applications only.
<Li> Use in media, media, advertisement banners, leaflets etc. that may harm the image of adult, complex merchandise, finance, and other eye catcher characters. </ Li>
<Li> Secondary distribution of eye catcher. </ Li>
<Li> Use after commercializing the eye catcher’s character itself. Production and sale of LINE stamp, production and sales of character goods etc. </ Li>
</ Ol>
We appreciate your understanding and cooperation!