What’s “AI-CATCHER” ?


The book of the cutaway “I can understand with manga” such as “Economics understood by manga”, “Marketing understandable by manga” has received constant support from long ago.

Even with a difficult-to-fix theme, “huge” hurdles are visually hurt by making it “cartoon”, which is probably the big factor.

Now that the Web has evolved and everyone can access the Internet, the distribution cost of information is extremely low.

Unlike books that require more than 2,000 copies or more than 5,000 copies of scales, individuals with information can send information free of charge on blogs and SNS. The receiving side is also free for many cases.

However, of course the quality of information has not changed and it became free, of course it is not. There is no “edit” intervening there.

Because the transmitter of the information is individuals, the evidence of information, the quality of sentences, the quality of the cover are inevitably sacrificed.

It is almost impossible for individuals to handle handwriting of “understanding by manga”.

If that is the case, it would be nice to have such a mechanism created, it is the eye catcher.

By incorporating the illustration of eye catcher into the media and blog, there are the following advantages.

  • It makes it easier for you to understand the contents.
  • When picked up on media such as Smartnews and NewsPicks, Illustrations attract readers’ eyes, making them easier to click.

    Eye catcher plays a role of bringing media and blogs closer to book quality.I will increase the number of illustrations more and more so please give your bookmark first with expectations first!

    Eye catcher management team all together